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Better SQL


This is the first blog for the new series – Better SQL. In this series, I’m going to record my progress from a basic SQL programmer to an advanced SQL programmer. Hope it will help readers too.

What is a basic/advanced SQL programmer?

I define basic SQL programmer as the one who can use basic SQL commands correctly, e.g., SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc. Basically, who can use SQL as a basic data query tool for relational database.

Advanced SQL programmer is the guy who not just run simple SQL queries but also some advanced or more efficient SQL queries; who not just use database but may start to manage database and understand SQL query performance better. After this journey, we will see what is an advance SQL programmer will be.

Style of this series

This series will be like a learning note for me, so it could be really short, e.g., some tips of SQL, or may be longer, some tutorials or thoughts for a bigger topic.

Hope you will like it and let’s learn SQL!